Melorich Australian Multigenerational Labradoodles

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On June 28, 2012:

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for your puppies.
My daughter Kelley Kaufman just purchased one of your chocolate pups.
My grandson's have been wanting a dog forever but due to the asthma, and allergies
with him and his dad they weren't able to get one. My grandson said his birthday wishes finally
came true after 11 years. They are so happy with (EDISON) that's what they named him. I can't
believe what a wonderful puppy he is. His personality is fabulous, and he's so so smart. I have had a lot of
dogs throughout 40 years and may I say your dogs are wonderful. I can't say enough, all your years of
expertise breeding has certainly paid off. Thanks again for making my daughter and her family so happy.
Their family is now complete, Edison was all they were missing. Thanks Dianne Mitchell

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Hi Rich,

I've attached three photos of Paxton and Peanut.  They're been so wonderful - we couldn't love them more.  Peanut is the darker of the two, and Paxton is lighter.

I hope all is well - take care!



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Rich.... Murphy wants you to have a Happy Holiday Season....and thank you for a beautiful dog. WE Love him .

......Feel free to add us to your reference page. People need to know
how special your dogs are.

Jim and Sue Vacha (Sagamore Hills, Ohio)

12/21/2011 and 4/10/12




Wow wow wow! We are so in love with him. He is the sweetest, most mellow puppy I've ever known. He loves to cuddle with me and hug me around my neck. I have been carrying him around to socialize and he's just so mellow and lovable. He is doing wonderfully with house breaking...only 2 accidents so far, but they were my fault. He sleeps through the whole night and generally quiets down in his crate after a few minutes of crying (torture!). I took the stitch out on Sunday and gave him a bath. We went to the vet today and the vet just loved him. No health issues of any kind. He's been pooping normally since we got him. We are playing and learning new things every day. He has a natural retrieving instinct and is very happy to please me. I can see that training him will require minimal effort.

Kramer[1].jpg (73797 bytes)        wpeC.jpg (7556 bytes)
           8 wks old                               6 Mos. Old

Thanks Rich,                                     
Connie Murphy



Thank you so much for breeding such wonderful dogs. We can’t imagine life without our little Gracie!!! If you need any references I would be pleased to tell them about our experience (you are great to work with and have great dogs)!!!!!

Thanks again,

Annette Johnson    1/3/2012



I wanted to give you an update on the puppies Hank is now 5 months old and weighs 35 pounds he has a great personality and loves his sister Bailey they play so well together. Bailey is not far behind she is 4 months old and 32 pounds she is so sweet loves to cuddle up on the couch with me, getting Bailey was a great decision as they play so well together and are so different. Hank has a lot more energy and wants to play all day Bailey likes to play but she is a little lazy and likes to sleep more than Hank LOL . The puppies just had their first grooming and they did great I found a mobile groomer that came out to our house which was so much easier on them and me I also have both puppies going to a trainer and they are learning so fast I can’t believe how smart they are. Thank you so much for the best puppies we love them so much.

Staci Huntley



Hi Rich,

It’s official, her name is Cocoa Puffs….Cocoa for short, of course. :-)

She is doing GREAT!!! She got right with the schedule, eating, potty breaks, playing, sleeping….all going very well!She went to the Vet this morning. Everything is good. She received a second dose of deworming med. Next Monday she’ll get a second round of shots and her stitches out. The Vet was impressed by her and you. I brought the puppy info kit you sent and they thought it was great.I sent you some pictures from my phone yesterday. I’m not sure if you got them so I’ll send new ones soon.

Thank you for such a beautiful (in every way) puppy. We love her!!

Patty  Twomey     (5/15/2011)



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Hi Rich-
Holly is so smart and sweet. We love her! She sleeps all night in her crate and your sample schedule works for her. Thanks for all of your helpful guidelines!


We are the proud parents of two Melorich Labradoodles, Charlie (Abe & Zoe 8/08) and Eddie (Turkish Delight & Lucy 5/10) and couldn't be happier!!! We did obedience for both boys, and Eddie completed 2 sessions this summer with our local Therapy Dog Group with Autistic children, an agility course was set up, dogs and kids learned as we went. . . hopefully Eddie will soon be certified as a Therapy Dog, a little more work to do. . .as he's still young. We do have a large yard, with Invisible Fencing, which works extremely well, they both respect their boundaries. They are home groomed. . . I'm learning as I go, but the "boys" just loved to be pampered. . .Kathy Lastowski  1/16/2012


Good morning!  We wanted to send you a picture of Sydney (one of many I've taken so far!).  You should know that we have had a great 1st day and night.  She has peed and pooped outside yesterday and today (no lose stools), she's eating, drinking, playing, loves her chew toys, and slept through the night without a peep and when we got up this morning we found her quietly in her crate ready to start her day.  Greg modified the crate so it's cozy and quiet and we already can't imagine life without her.

Thanks again for such a wonderful puppy.  We love her! 




Lastowski boys.jpg (31909 bytes)

Hi Rich!  Just an update. . . Charlie (2 years) and Eddie (7 months) are doing great!  They are adjusted to each other and having a great time, especially in the snow.  Both are happy and healthy and we have you to Thank for that for having such high standards in your lines.  We knew when we got Charlie one doodle just wasn't gonna be enough!!!  Thanks again from the Lastowski's . . . Dave and Kathy and Charlie and Eddie




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Beckett feels right at home He fit right in with his new brothers, sleeps through the night and has not had a single accident ( and he's has only been with us a week!) You truly know what it takes to breed these pups! I have given your name to several people who will be in contact with you to get one of their own.
Thanks again,
Patty McGrath
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 MiMi is one of the pups from Stella & Cooper in 2007.  I've been meaning to tell you how much we love her & how perfect she is!  She is incredibly smart & loving.  She puts up with grandkids with incredible patience and I would swear she understands everything we say. She loves the beach, hiking, going to the doggie park, & she is also content to just lay around.    She is the best dog ever!  Thank you so much.

Mary Hellyar



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            Just thought you might like to see our “little” dog that was 8 lbs. when we picked her up. She is now 45lbs at 7 months. We just love her. She is everything we hoped for. Thank you so much.


Gene Hallmark

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Dear Rich,


Just wanted to share of few pictures taken recently of Spencer.  He has been an absolute JOY…..

We have a trainer working with him and she cannot get over how fast he learns and how bright he is…..

Of course, my answer was "What did you expect"???


He's growing rapidly, and he's really  well behaved for a 6 month old pup.  Goes to work everyday with either me or Ken, so he's really learned how to be sociable.  Everyone is just mad about him.  He goes to Central Park almost every morning for his morning run and exercise.  He's made LOTS of friends and LOVES playing with the other dogs.  He has 3 or 4 little playmates that he sees in the park on a regular basis.  He's really been TERRIFIC.


Below is a picture of him in is his Rocky pose after his first "workout" - (my friend Tom is a professional photographer and took the pics).   He also takes care of Spencer a few days a week in the afternoon.


gracezoe2.jpg (451597 bytes)

Hi Rich, 

I hope you and your family are doing well.  I wanted to give you a 1 year update on Zoe.  Please feel free to use all of my comments on your website and feel free to have people call me if they would like a reference. 
Honestly, I have owned several dogs through the years and Zoe is BY FAR the most loyal and intelligent dog I have ever been around.  We are thrilled that she is part of our family.We had her potty trained in 2 weeks and she never had an accident since.
No shedding at all other than during the spring when we think her she was outgrowing her puppy coat.  It was only extremely light shedding.  We brush her every night and she is groomed every 5 weeks. 
If anyone ever has any questions about getting a dog from you, please have them contact me and I will tell them about Zoe. 
A picture of Zoe and Grace is attached.
Marc, Christine, Grace, and Zoe Miller
North Ridgeville, Ohio

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Hi Rich,

Just wanted to let you know that "Murphy" is the greatest dog ever!  He is lovable and playful and ensures there's never a dull moment if he's in the room!  He's such a clown!  We have so many nicknames for him, it's a wonder the little guy knows his name!  (murphalopagus, murphinator, murphalliah, murphapotomus, murphmeister, sasquatch, yetti-boy, etc.)  Every morning we go out "exploring".  If I am running behind, he starts barking little reminders in case I've forgotten what we are supposed to be doing. We ride to the end of our driveway with Brad as he heads off to work, and then we work our way back to the house, through the fields and then around back to the woods. He is so smart!  By the time he was 3 months old, he knew "sit, beg, shake, come, down, stay, find-me, and crawl".  He learned "heel, wait, and stop" last week.I've enclosed a few photos so you can see how he's growing! We're so happy we found you online!

Kelly, Brad, Blaze and Hunter Smith

Mansfield, Ohio


Labradoodle_Multigen.jpg (5341 bytes)




I thought you might to like see what a beautiful dog our Cooper is and I am sure you will agree that he looks just like his dad.  We enjoy immensely and he just loves everyone.  He was 8 months old on the 12th of March and weighs around 40 lbs.  At training class, I had so many people come up to me and ask what kind of dog he was and where did I get him.  I have given a number of people your website.  He has a beautiful soft coat.  Along with brushing and combing him every day and giving him a bath once a week, he is groomed every 5 weeks.  The groomer commented that he never has any mats.


Hope you like the pictures. 


Take care

Sally (Hayes)


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Hello Rich,

We wanted to send you some pictures of Maya.   We adopted her from you last July.  She is now 1 years old.  Words can not express how much we love Maya.  She is the most wonderful dog we have ever had.   She is smart, fun and beautiful.  If you ever need a home for one of your puppies for breeding we would be happy to take one in for you.  We live in Brighton, Michigan.   Thanks for giving us such a great dog.  Maya is the best!!


Best regards,

The Weiss Family


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Hi Rich,

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Buddy. It has only been 4 weeks and we are certain he is the perfect dog and he isn't even potty trained yet!!
We can't thank you enough for providing our family with so much joy. Buddy is simply the sweetest, smartest, softest, most lovable Labradoodle ever!! We really cannot believe our luck.
We wish you and your future puppies and families the best in 2008 and on.

Kiko, Steve and Sophia

testim1.jpg (14882 bytes)


Hi Rich, attached is a recent photo of Chloe.  We adore her.


Laura Haney

Hi, Rich.

Saturday is Gabbana's 1st birthday, our chocolate Aust. Labradoodle, and we 
wanted to let you know that she's doing wonderful!  We love her to 
pieces!  We've been thinking about adding Dolce to the family klan and 
wondered what your future availability for cream females were.   Let us know what you have. 

Marci Carpenter



Sorry that I have been remiss is updating you on Moss. He has been a very special addition to our family. He is progressing very nicely, attending classes weekly and a very quick leaner. We have a 20 acre park about 2 minutes for us that Moss and I walk on a daily basis. He is extremely responsive to any request and is genuinely a very friendly and happy puppy.


We are extremely happy with the puppy you picked for us.




Rick Lapenta






Hi Rich,

I really appreciate the time you took to talk with me.  I think the quality of your website and your attitude about puppy selection and placement speak volumes about your kennel...and I suspect about the dogs you breed!Send the form along...we'll be in touch...don't be surprised if my wife wants to talk to you


Patrick Rutten



wpe17.jpg (35513 bytes)


Hey Rich,

Hope all is well in Ohio... Tucker is GREAT... and as you are well aware recently had is 1st birthday.  Wanted to share a couple of photos that a friend of mine, who is a professional photographer took.  He is also Tucker's "uncle", and takes care of him a lot during the week.

Speak to you soon, and make sure you let me know if your ever in NYC...

Take care,

Bob Goldstein



FYI…… He’s adorable…. Doing VERY well… eats like a chow hound and acts like a REAL PUPPY…..He’s here in my office at the moment, fast asleep next to me.   Only one accident in the house so far.  He really is GREAT in the crate.    Goes in by himself and has slept through the night for the past two nights without a peep…..I know Ken sent you a thank you note for your attention, care and concern.   If he didn’t include me in the note I also wanted to thank you very much and let you know that Spencer will have a great home and a great life.   Obviously, pictures to follow as he progresses.


Bob  ( Second pup placed )

ourdogsalch.jpg (17293 bytes)


Al is very outgoing, comical, smart, athletic doodle. He enjoys going
everywhere and meeting everyone along the way. He loves romping around
with other dogs,  swimming  and running on the beach .His coat is a
beautiful soft fleece that everyone wants to touch when they meet him.
Thank you to Rich of Melorich’s Labradoodles for our loving Al


testim1.jpg (2303 bytes)

Just wanted to let you know Savannah arrived & all is well.  She is adorable & bonding with Beau...he's kind of tolerating her now.

Like to know more about the holiday cards you referred to.

Thanks again....she goes to the Vet on Monday.




Hi Rich,

It was nice meeting you on Saturday.
I wanted to let you know that little Zoe is doing great!  She is a wonderful dog and has really become accustomed to our home already! 
Our cats have been really good with her and she loves to try to play with them. 
Zoe sleeps through the entire night in her crib (she does not even cry in the middle of the night!) and already loves going on walks with Christine and Grace. 
She is starting to get the potty training routine down.  We have had a couple of accidents but they were nothing major and we are trying to be consistent with her and to get her on a schedule which seems to be working pretty well. 
She is going to Northview Animal Clinic today to get her staples removed and to have her checkup.
I just thought you would like a quick update.  Thank you again for all of the great advice and for providing us with a wonderful dog! 
Have a great afternoon.  Thanks,   Marc



Hi Rich

Just wanted to give you an update on our pup from Zoe and Cooper's recent litter.  He has done really well since the first day that we brought him home.  He never wet once on the way home and when we got home I showed him where he was to go and he went immediately.  The first night in his cage he cried and I went and got one of my old sweat shirts and put it in his bed and he never made another sound.  I did have some nights where I had to get up at 1:30 or 2:30 to take him out, even though he was put to bed at 10:00.  That happened very little.  As your instructions, I took him out every 15 minutes to half hour all day long and he has not gone in the house at all.  Now he sits by the door or sits in front of me and whines to be taken out.  He is such a smart little puppy. 

The first vet appointment went well and at that time Cooper weighed 7lbs. 6 oz. and everyone at the office just loved him.  He is  definitely is a very sociable loving little puppy.  Yesterday I took him for his first set of shots and he did really well, he knows weighs 13 lbs. 4 oz.  Let me tell you he has some big paws.  He likes his bath (or should I say he likes the treats before and after.  I comb him at least twice a day and his coat is just so soft and beautiful.  When we go to the park for his morning walk he has to greet everyone walking by.  The vet said that you must be a good breeder because Cooper seemed to be a very healthy dog.

My husband has gotten me a digital camera and as soon as I learn how to use it I will email you some pictures and you will see what a beautiful dog he is becoming.

I did call Les Pooches for the brushes and they asked if I was a breeder and I said no that I had purchased the puppy from you.  Well they did say that Marie would call me back in 5 minutes.  Well it has been over 2 weeks and no one has called.  If you are going to be purchasing brushed or combs for yourself, would you mind getting me the ones that I will need and I will send you a check.

Thanks for picking out such a wonderful puppy for us. 


Best Regards,

Sally/Rich Hayes




HI Rich,

Hello from Amsterdam, Holland. How are you?I hope everything is fine and that your Labradoodles are fine. I just want to let you know that Yankee is doing wonderful.She is really so sweet and kind and loving.She wants to please and is listening very well.She is easy going and so adorable.We are loving her so much. But that is so easy to feel because you can't do anything else then to love her.It was such a good choice to choose Yankee from you.I have no regret whatsoever.Thank you again for sending her . Regards and good luck with the breeding.








We purchased our Labradoodle from you in June. Sparky is from Ally and Romeo (I think Ally). He has been the absolute best dog and we just love him. We recently had our family portrait taken and so those are the PICS I am sending to you.

Your website keeps getting better. Sparky is a great advertisement for you!! He goes with me everywhere and people often ask about him. The gym teacher at my son's school wants the info so I am sending him to your website!! You really do breed a great dog!!

Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

The Meyer Family

Mindy, Tom, Kevin, Nicole, Danny and Spark




Our pup:  He loves the beach and isn't afraid of the water at all.  He swam at 9 weeks (in the pool--he's still not sure about the declining slope in Lake Michigan yet.  Maybe this weekend.   Let's see.  He learned to sit in about 5 minutes.  He sits before each meal and will wait to eat until I release him.  He learned that immediately.  He heels, he lays, he speaks. He just learned to roll over. He'll stay and let me walk away, come when he's called and sit perfectly square right in front of me.  He's been doing that since about 9 or 10 weeks as well.  I'm not even sure if I'll even take him to obedience school because he's so well socialized already.   He's flown on an airplane, been on his first boat ride, and gets to go to the beach or walk along the river every single day.  Oh,  I can count the accidents in the house on one hand, and they were all pretty much my fault.  And to top it off, he's lovable and goofy and laid-back.  The perfect dog I'd say.  Thanks again.





Mojo is doing great. He loves his new fence in the backyard. He can finally run free for as long as he wants. We had a kennel installed as well that is 15X30 feet that is his private retreat.

The Lance Family



Just wanted to tell you how well Bailey is doing. First of all, he turned
out to be a very handsome dog.   He is also a wonderful, smart, playful, and
loving dog.  Bailey was very easy to train.  He is gentle with children.   We
even brought him on our vacation to Nags Head, NC.  He was the hit of the
beach.  He loved being in the ocean and making friends with all the kids on
the beach.  Bailey has added a lot of joy to our family!

Joan Heaney


Hi Rich!
      I wanted to write to let you know how our beautiful Maya is doing. She has adapted very well to our family and our home. She is just a joy! We love her so much. We can confidently say that after three weeks with us, she is housebroken. We are so proud of her. She will now go to the back door to go "outside potty" when she needs to relieve herself. If we are out by our pool, she will go to the gate to go on the grass to do her business. We thought this process would take longer, but she has really caught on.
       She still wakes up quite early, usually between 5:30a and 6:00am. Our Vet says she is still very young, and as she gets older, weighs more (she is 10lbs. now) stays up more during the day, she will start to sleep later. But for now, we take turns getting up with her. She is very energetic in the morning! We have started using a leash, which she didn't like at first, but now is "tolerating" it. She goes on short walks, and lets us know when she wants to return home. By short walks, I'm talking three houses down the block!
       You may remember I mentioned my sister has a Labradoodle as well. Her Maggie is four months old. Maya just turned 2 months old. We get them together  2-3 times during the week. They absolutely love each other! Maya really holds her own when it comes to "puppy play" w/Maggie. It is just hilarious to watch them play. Maggie instinctively knows that Maya is little, and she tolerates a lot of biting from Maya, she is very gentle with her, but playful at the same time. I'm really glad they have each other. Maya also gets along well with our neighbors golden retriever, but no rough play there. Sandy is a very gentle dog, and she is very careful w/Maya.
       We are so happy we decided to have a dog again. It had been over twenty years since we last had a dog. She has really brought a new dimension of happiness to our family. My 16yr old son adores her! We just thought we'd let you know how she was doing. We will send a photo soon.
Rosann Mateo





We're really enjoying Abby.  Thought you'd enjoy seeing a current photo of her.  She graduated from puppy class yesterday.


Have a wonderful day!


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