Melorich Australian Multigenerational Labradoodles

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Puppy Prices Include the Following -

Shipping included: Email for details

Two year Health Guarantee
Your puppy raised in a happy  environment in our home, not a kennel,
Age appropriate Socialization Techniques including interaction with children (supervised)
Wholesome  diet
Crate Training
Regular worming history documented
Vaccinations and Veterinary Travel Certificates Provided – Distemper/Hepatitis/Parvo Virus  and for countries requiring additional treatments and vaccinations such as rabies or leptosporosis etc.
Character Assessment and Temperament Testing to ensure the most ideal puppy for your own unique family situation and lifestyle.
Potty Training Commenced
Desexing done for you  (spay or neuter)  Labradoodles: Early Spay and Neutering Link
Travel Preparation (email for our information pack)
All travel arrangements made for you and Customs cleared for you for International Deliveries
Government Vet Health Clearance for puppies leaving United States
All Government protocols for puppies coming from U.S. 
Airways Bill and the actual Flight/s
Microchip : International chip when needed
Comprehensive notes on care, raising and training
Lifetime of support


Pet Quality Puppy Prices


We have the best looking, home raised, Australian Labradoodles available.

We are not a kennel, nor a wholesaler of dogs. You get what you pay for.

Our prices are competitive. If the costs are your primary motivation over everything else, then we suggest you look elsewhere towards a kennel or novice breeder. We have dedicated years of proper breeding techniques to provide the best Australian Multigenerational Labradoodles from the finest and oldest bloodlines. There are a lot of Novice breeders either taking the breed backwards or in other directions. Do your due Diligence before choosing a breeder !!


We will send an invoice for final payments. Do not submit the deposit if you wish to use PayPal for the entire payment but do not wish to sign up to PayPal as you are only allowed one transaction as a non member for up to $4000 (Members can do up to $10,000) Contact us for arrangements