Melorich Australian Multigenerational Labradoodles


Below are the instructions and release form for you to sign and return allowing us to send you the samples

The fee is applied towards the purchase price of your dog, purchased from
Melorich and is $20.00.


This fee is to offset our time, providing, and shipping of samples and
can be charged on your credit card via a secure encrypted process using the buy now button.


Copy and paste into a word document the following, sign and return via toll free fax, email attachment or snail mail along with payment

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Melorich Australian Multigenerational Labradoodles

Allergy Test Instructions  & Release Form

As requested here is a sample of hair mixed with saliva from one of our Doodles, in the baggy. In order for you to accurately test your allergies you need to use Medical tape, the reason for this is because some people can be allergic to other types of tape. Take a few strands of the Hair & tape it to the inside of your arm, where the skin is more sensitive, wear it for approximately 12 hours or less if you have an allergic reaction. If allergic reactions occur please remove hair & tape & treat as you would for your allergy reactions. This is not a scientific way to test allergies, it was suggested by an allergy specialists & I am using the method, it has been accurate in previous cases.

Unless specifically requested the hair & saliva samples are pulled from parents of litter you are interested in or randomly if no litters in home
Thanks & please let me know if I can help you further

Disclaimer: Richard Martel and Melorich Australian Multigenerational Labradoodles assumes absolutely no responsibility for any allergic reaction caused directly or indirectly by the samples provided. Your signature below is your agreement to hold Richard Martel, et all, harmless in the event of any illness or reaction to said testing of samples sent and used on you or anyone associated with you and whom the test is intended, by you, to be applied to.


Sample pulled from________________________

Name of Doodle:________________________ Generation: ________________________

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