Melorich Australian Multigenerational Labradoodles



for Pet Quality Placed Dogs



Melorich strives to produce the healthiest, most sound pups available. Melorich proudly guarantees all puppies against communicable disease at
the time of release and against covered genetic disease and defect for three (2) years. (See list below for covered genetic illnesses.) Please note
that though many breeders require the return of the puppy/ dog in order to receive a replacement puppy in the case of a covered genetic defect
claim, that Melorich DOES NOT. We know that we could not relinquish a beloved pet, ESPECIALLY if it was sick and do not expect any good pet
owner to do so. We do require that a pet with a covered genetic defect be spayed or neutered if not already altered and that you exercise good
judgement along with the advice from your Veterinarian and put the animal down IF the defect is SEVERE enough to cause the animal
considerable pain or significantly diminish his/ her quality of life. You may, of course, return the animal to us if you desire but it is never required in
order to receive a replacement puppy. Under bites are not covered. Under-bites are not uncommon and distinguish between a pet quality and a breed quality dog. If a pup were to have a "serious" under-bite that would affect his quality of life then he would be corrected before leaving here or other arrangements made for his / her care.
The following puppy is guaranteed by Melorich, to be healthy and free of listed genetic defects. This contract is set forth to outline the specific
responsibilities of the breeder toward the health of the puppy described herein:
The breeder guarantees the above described puppy to be healthy and free of communicable disease and listed genetic defects. To Activate this
guarantee, the puppy buyer must have this puppy examined by his/ her personal Veterinarian within three (3) days of purchase / receipt and physical
possession. Failure to have the puppy examined within the above mentioned time frame voids the contract in it's entirety and removes the breeder
from any further responsibility towards the health of said puppy.
Failure to properly vaccinate this puppy can result in severe illness and death from preventable diseases and constitutes gross negligence on the
part of the owner. Complete and maintain your puppy's vaccinations! Pups leave breeder current on all local vaccinations and de-wormings
If this dog should be diagnosed by your veterinarian with a communicable disease or other illness within five (3) days of purchase AND physical
custody, the breeder will reimburse the cost of any medications needed, to include IV re-hydration therapy. The breeder will not reimburse any
exam diagnostic fees or hospitalization costs., which are the responsibility of the puppy owner. If, at time of delivery, this puppy is diagnosed by your
veterinarian as having a debilitating congenital defect, the puppy may be returned to the breeder immediately for either a full refund minus shipping
costs or a replacement puppy minus shipping costs. Breeder will pay no treatment costs for congenital defects if buyer chooses to keep the puppy.
This puppy is guaranteed to be free of covered genetic disease and defect specifically: organ defect, hip dysplacia, thyroid disease, vWD,
Addison's Disease, Sebaceous Adenitis, and / or Progressive Retinal Atrophy. If your dog should be diagnosed with a listed genetic defect
within the first two (2) years of life, the breeder will provide a replacement pup of the same sex and quality from the next available litter or the
litter of the puppy buyers choice
The breeder is not responsible for any costs associated with diagnosis and treatment of genetic disease or defect. The breeder is not responsible
for shipping costs, if any. Autoimmune Deficiencies are not covered at this time as there are no genetic markers for testing and there may be
environmental factors.
The breeder reserves the right to have the puppy examined by a second veterinarian of the breeder’s choice at the breeders expense for the
purpose of a second opinion regarding any claims to this health guarantee. In the case of hip dysplacia, the claim must be accompanied by a
statement from OFA confirming that the dog does have dysplastic hip joints. In the case of PRA, the claim must be accompanied by a statement
from a certified veterinary opthamologist stating that the animal has been diagnosed with PRA,
All claims to this health guarantee must be accompanied by a statement from your veterinarian on the veterinary clinics letterhead, along with a
copy of the receipt from your original "new puppy" vet visit to be considered valid. This guarantee is not transferable and is valid only for the original