De-Worming of All Breeding  Dogs

( Also recommended for Pet owners )



It  is very common for puppies to get a variety of worms and we de-worm then several times before they leave here and with different medications. We do not start them on Heartguard. You MUST use it or an equivalent suggested by your Vet. All dogs come into contact with feces and many will eat snow and or whatever they are interested in outdoors

 We have rigid protocols for prevention and control but it must start with you as pup’s worms originate in the Moms. Worms can come from fleas and ticks as well, so besides monthly Heartguard all dogs should be treated with a product like frontline plus on a once a month basis. Heartguard comes from your Vet, Frontline Plus from a pet store or Costco. If you have other pets in the house they too should be treated at same time. All these meds should be part of everyones routine, pet owners and guardians.

We have been treating the Moms upon arrival with one dose of Safeguard ( Fenbendazole ) which is a broader spectrum but I would suggest only you use it if directed by your Vet after a fecal exam.

De-worming on a regular basis should be done by you just like vaccinating. However you do not need your Vet to do this as the products are all over the counter. Whenever you do take your dog to your Vet you should take a stool sample and have them checked as well so you know how effective your treatments are.

I would suggest de-worming them every three months. I would alternate between Pyrantel Pamoate one time, and since there is one tapeworm that is covered by another product, you could alternate between the Pyrantel Pamoatte and a product called D Worm Combo ( 2 tab size) and see how they do upon fecal exam. These are inexpensive and I will provide you a source and dosing below.


I buy my Pyrantel Pamoate as a pint bottle 50mg/ml ( 250mg per teaspoonful) and the D-worm Combo in 2 tab size online at Revival Animal

And my D-worm Combo ( check the over 25 lb size which currently is $14.99 for 2 tabs . Puppy owners can but the puppy dose

If you must get Fenbendazole I buy an 4 oz bottle ( $18.99) at  There are two protocols for using, a single dose or a course over several days. Your Vet will probably only suggest this if he finds whipworms. Many of these can be found at your local box store but they tend to me more pricey so I wanted you to know what we pay for these online


I give each adult dog 1 teaspoonful of the Pyrantel Pamoate. Keep a dog diary so you know when to dose. When I use the D-worm Combo I treat with one chewable  tab. Make sure they swallow the entire tablet.

The only worm not covered by all these meds is Whipworm which is covered by the Fenbendazole ( SafeGuard) which I will dose with a single dose protocol upon arrival here.



Feel free to discuss this with your Vets. You may find differing opinions however I strive to offer the healthiest pups and one of the ways to do this is to make sure the adult dogs are all properly de-wormed.

Fecal samples when at your Vets goes a long way to keeping your dogs healthy