Melorich Australian Multigenerational Labradoodles


Why are Australian Multigens more Expensive?

Compared to most purebreds as well as Us Hybrids called Labradoodles, Australian Multigens can cost up to 4 times as much and it is a fair question to ask why.

Because there are so few quality infused bloodlines in Australia the breed stock is quite expensive to begin with. That is out of anyone's control but the owners of those older proven lines and typically a breeding unproven puppy costs between $6500 to $8500 and if purchased in Australia one must add another $1500 shipping. A proven adult breeder can costs between $9500 to $20,000. An unproven dog may end up not being a capable breeder after his or her tests are all done.

Additional testing averages about $500 a year  per breeding dog after an initial investment of upwards of $1500 again for tests.

If using outside studs the fees are usually $2500 plus semen shipping and collecting which can add as much as $750 to that cost and then there is the cost of artificial insemination which again can add up to $750, depending on procedures. Our Vet bills at the reproductive Vet alone can be between  $10000 to $15000 a year. That is before the cost to neuter, microchip, vaccinate etc.

We, as many quality breeders, breed for the love of the breed and the love of breeding. There are years where we may lose money and years that we may make some but that should never be the motivation. Those who are in it for the money are the "mills" we all hear about or the massive kennels that offer numerous breeds.

Then you have ongoing extra Vet fees, food, as well as typical business expenses. Advertising on the internet can add up to $2000 a month.

Each pup is neutered and microchipped, Vet checked and rechecked, vaccinated and dewormed.

Quality Breeders have whelping rooms and supplies similar to those found at a Vet Hospital to prepare us for all the possibilities during birthing (whelping)

The younger US lines typically are trying to re-invent the wheel by breeding Labs and poodles, very rarely with the infused breeds as well and they can afford to sell these pups, as we did, for much less. A top of the line poodle and lab for breeding purposes costs substantially less. Unfortunately these breedings produce less uniform looking pups. Some look like poodles and some like labs. We prefer to continue with the practices established almost 20+ years ago, in Australia. We no longer infuse or back breed but breed the highest quality lines.

Why should I even remotely consider spending this amount on a dog?

The short answer might be that either you get it, as some already do, or you don't. However, that is a rude answer. The answer is a personal one. We don't like to think we are "selling" you a "dog" We like to think that we are providing canine companionship based on your expressed preferences and our psychological profile of the pup in question. Unlike the day of hopping into the car and driving to a breeders or a humane society or wherever and finding a cute dog that comes up to you and licks you, we, again, place a non shedding, hypoallergenic, uniform looking, properly coated, sweet pup with you based on your expressed preferences and life style. This pup is typically in your home for between 12 to as much as 17 years as an integral part of your family unit, whether that is one person or a dozen. When you break the price down by years of   loyalty and unconditional love then its a small price to pay. This breed, IMO, is the best there is which is why its popularity has grown so much in just a few years. The loyalty we seen in Labs and Goldens, the brains we see in Poodles, and the non shedding capabilities brought in by the infusions of Wheaten and Portuguese Water Dog.

Yes, you can go to the pound or a rescue and if so inclined we encourage that. Or you can by a purebred or a US hybrid and again spend less. That is your prerogative. However, if you have ever met an Australian Multigen and, as we did, become so enamored by the true breed, then you will understand that the costs associated with these beautiful animals is really a small price to pay to be honored to have one in your home.