Melorich Australian Multigenerational Labradoodles

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Education    1972  The Ohio State University  DVM

Special Interest(s)  Canine Reproduction, Infertility, Pediatric Care

Dr. Hutchison is the director of the International Canine Semen Bank - Ohio, a canine frozen semen center which he started in 1984. He speaks nationally and internationally to veterinary and breeder groups. Dr. Hutchison has published numerous articles, authored textbook chapters on canine reproduction, and produced a DVD on dog breeding. He helps us when A.I. is needed for any reason and he stores our studs semen at the ICSB




Education    1998  The Ohio State University  DVM (cum laude)

Special Interest(s)    Canine Reproductive Systems, Breeding Management 

In addition to general practice, Dr. Greenfield spends much of his time addressing the medical and surgical needs of professional breeders like us. These needs include genetic clearance testing including OFA and Penn Hip, hormonal testing, manipulation, reproductive management, and an understanding of the particular needs of individual breeds. Dr. Greenfield was recently published as a contributor to a national study on canine lymphoma and will be participating in future studies of cancer in dogs. He has also published "Progesterone Testing - A Successful Breeder's Best Friend" in the Labrador Retriever Club Yearbook.



Education   2006  Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine  DVM

Special Interest(s)  Canine Reproduction, Neonatal Care, Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques


In addition to general practice, Dr. Pentecost has special interests in canine reproduction and breeding management. Her involvement extends into her personal life as her hobby is breeding and showing Chinese Sharpei. Dr. Pentecost is a member of the Chinese Sharpei Club of America and the Greenville (SC) Chinese Sharpei Specialty Club. She is also involved in minimally invasive laparoscopic surgical techniques and has recently begun BAER testing to evaluate hearing in litters of puppies. She has been integral in providing neonatal services and has helped us through protocols to lower infant mortality to almost zero. When a neonatal emergency arises she has a very high success rate of turning the crisis around into a healthy outcome

BARB: Vet Tech

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Barb, pictured on the left and holding the tail, has over 20 years reproductive and neonatal experience and has and will whelp litters for us when scheduling conflicts arise. Though rare, there are times when we must have outside whelping and her expertise is second to none. 99.9% of our litters will be whelped here and by us. The rare occasion that it is done by Barb it will be done at her well equipped office or at Dr. Hutchison's clinic where she is employed and where there is a whelping area in the reproductive wing of the clinic.




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